South Street Christmas

During the month of December, I set up and run South Street Christmas. This is an animated musical Christmas light show which you watch from the comfort of your car while listening to music on your car radio. The lights are synchronized to the music through the use of specialized computer hardware and software.

I have created and built the majority of the pieces in my display. On the outside, they're designed to be fun and entertaining. On the inside, they have intricate computerized parts that I've built to have them communicate with each other, blinking, fading and changing colors in time with the music that's transmitted over FM. The whole show is run from a central computer that I've programmed for each song that plays.

As you can see from this, my technical knowledge and creativity overflow into something that gives back to the community. Below you can view videos of my display.

"His Favorite Christmas Story"

Capital Lights

"You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch"

Brian Setzer Orchestra

"Winter Wonderland"

Ringo Starr