Paper & Film

Paper & Film was an employer that let me flex my design muscles. I got to work closely with clients, from their initial ideas and concepts, all the way through the completion of their project. Working with industry standard software, such as the Adobe Suite and Quark Xpress, I was able to bring the clients' ideas from their imagination to the printed page.

Along with my duties in the art department, which included design, layout, pre-press and even Pez Dispenser puppet shows (ask me about that during and interview). I also assisted in the bindery department. There I learned to run folders, stitchers, rounders, and even a short stint on the presses themselves.

The technical aspects of the job were also exciting; getting to use RIPs for high-speed color lasers and creating wide-format allowed me to create even more products, like posters, photo retouching and more. 

  • Client consultation
  • Proof of concept design
  • Pre-press
  • Data merging
  • Classic hand design
  • Photo retouching
Bindery & Print
  • Digital and manual cutters
  • Stichers
  • Folders
  • Collaters
  • Corner rounders
  • Two-color presses
System Maintenance
  • PC and Mac maintenance
  • Windows Server setup and maintenance
  • PC and Mac integration and file sharing
  • Windows web server setup and maintenance
  • Canon RIP maintenance
  • Networking of entire art department