From 1995 to 1997 I worked at Ensoniq Corporation, a manufacturer of synthesizers and other music equipment. My position was in the Education Department where salespeople from around the world were trained on the equipment, their use, and how best to sell them. I worked closely with the head of the Education Department, other department managers and the IT department.

In my position as the sole software developer for my group, I created a custom software system for evaluating the learning process. Attendees were tested on both the first and last days on a network testing system I devised. These scores were tallied, recorded and sent throughout the company for evaluation by department heads, all while the system provided real time monitoring of student progress from an administrator's station.

As well as being a developer, I assisted the head of education in the classroom and during training sessions. The classroom consisted of ten workstations, each of which was a combination of desk, computer workstation and electronic instrument center. It was my responsibility to keep these areas up-to-date, with their hardware and software always functioning at their best.

When not in live sessions, I did many other things to help expand and improve the training department:

  • I designed and wrote manuals and instrument help guides for consumers.

  • I wrote and edited training manuals for the students.

  • I assisted in the creation of marketing videos, which I helped record, edit and notate.

  • I assisted in sound editing for both videos and for school use.

George Kalman

Owner of I Choose Hell Productions, LLC

George worked with Steve at Ensoniq

"You had to be either exceptional at what you did or an extremely quick learner in order to keep a position at Ensoniq. Steve did this. If anyone approaches me with an opportunity to work with them, and said they were from Ensoniq, I stop what I am doing and listen. Steve was exceptional as a developer and a hard working, honest companion to have on and off the job."

Joe Paschall

Client Services Representative at Frontline Technologies

Joe worked with Steve at Ensoniq

"Steve, just like everyone who worked for Ensoniq, was among the best in his field."